Monday, August 18, 2008

Maz Jobrani - Axis of Evil Comedy Tour

Brilliant Comedy...nuff said!

Aron Kader - Axis of Evil Comedy Tour

Great bit of stand up comedy by Aron Kader on the axis of evil comedy tour. Aron takes a look at one of the greatest presidents in U.S history; G.W. Bush...a great President for stand up comedians anyway!

Bernie Mac - Sex and Kids

Classic comedy from Bernie Mac, Bernie was on of the greats of stand up comedy, he recently passed away, but his words will be with us forever. Bernie you will be missed, you died too young! Warning Graphic language and adult themes.

Carlos Mencia - Guys and Girls are Different!

Very Funny and very raw, Carlos Mencia takes a very hard lined look at sex and the differences between men and women. Warning graphic language and adult content on this one...but very f#&king funny...

Bohemian Rhapsody by Everyone!

This guy is brilliant, great impersonation comedy.

Jim Breuer - Party in the stomach

A super funny look at what happens when you go on a drinking binge. Great comedy from Jim Breuer!